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This Bride Cutting Through Her Chastity Belt Is Just Asking To Be Photoshopped

If you already spent some time on the internet, you know that photoshopping an image can make some funny results. This bride asked to photoshopp her wedding picture, but the results were more hilarious than expected

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1. This is the original photo. Well this is also funny. :)

10 Fancy Cats With A Classy Mustaches That Are More Awesome Than You

What is more attractive than a man with a mustache? A cat with a mustache! These kitties aren't trendy people or hipsters, they were born with normally magnificent facial hair. Which makes them cooler than you.

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1. when you have perfect bristles you don't need perfect posture

10 Times When The Wind Blew In The Wrong Direction

Winds are our companions helping us chill off amid hot days. But sometimes, it can be our foe that we can't resist the urge to simply feel defenseless. Here are 10 pictures when the wind just blew in the wrong direction. Some of them are engaging, while some are terrible victims of the wind's wrath.

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1. Uh-ah. This is awkward

This Smiling Husky Just Made The Most Hilarious Photoshop Battle Ever

It remains a riddle how this husky stuck on a tropical coconut tree. The Internet has dependably a method for transforming each abnormal pictures into an image. In this exceptional photoshopped gallery, this charming little fella will be in the Star Wars movie, takes a swing on Miley Cyrus' wrecking ball.

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1. It remains a mystery, how this husky got stuck on a tropical coconut tree.

10 Animals Photography Before And After Called A “Good Boy”

Everybody likes their pets, and they are lovable little companions who stays next to us through various challenges. We express our adoration to our pets in different ways, however one thing is common in all pet owners to call them a Good Boy or a Good Girl. A photographer captured some animals before and after they were called "Good Boy" or "Good Girl" Here are the 10 pictures taken from these cute little animals.

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