Make Money Online

Earn $100-$500/Month With This Simple Method

What is Adfly?

Adfly is an Internet-based program that permits you to have some cash by posting shorten URLs. These link can be in the topic that you might want to share with your friends. There is positively no charge to utilize Adfly, and your payments are sent to your PayPal. 

How is it working?

With the shortened URL you send to anyone will receive a 5 seconds ad before he/she can proceed to the link. Adfly will register this under your account and you will receive the amount of money.

How to Make Money With This?

Post shortened links to sites that has a lot of traffic, or you can create your own blog for instance and drive a decent amount of traffic to it. But there are many alternatives to have a huge amount of traffic.

Sounds good, where should I start?

Register to Adfly by simply  clicking on this. After you made your registration start earning some money 🙂

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